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鵜の首結び Unokubi Musubi  (Neck of the Cormorant Knot) 

You will find unokubi musubi in many hon nawa waza. Although many will recognise this as a ‘clove hitch’, it is important to remember that this is a Japanese art and, although it is often easier to refer to things in your native language, it should be spoken of as unokubi musubi. As we work through our musubi ho (methods of tying), you will see knots of which many will be familiar. Remember the art and try to the best of your ability) to work within the art. Unokubi musubi is a self tightening knot that is used to constrict blood flow or apply pressure to nerve paths. Care should be taken when studying this to ensure the safety of your training partner.
Unokubi musbi is mostly used around limbs in order to produce discomfort and pain through pressure on the arteries and nerve paths of the limbs. This is to prevent the prisoner from struggling excessively or to cause a lack of feeling or sensation to prevent the prisoner from escaping. Within the Ittatsu Ryu Hojo, this can be applied around the prisoners neck, but care must be taken to ensure the prisoner does no come to harm whist in custody.