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捕縄術 Torinawa / Hojo Jutsu

Torninawa Jutsu and hojo jutsu are mealy different pronunciations of the same kanji. It doesn’t matter which you use. Within torinawa jutsu there are two different skill sets. Haya nawa  捕縄 means ‘fast rope’. Hayanawa is the use of the rope to cpature and restrain whilst in combat. Hayanawa techniques are the initial arrest or capture of an opponent. This is achieved with either a rope or cord especially carried for the purpose or rope/cord that is worn or carried for other uses such as the sageo (the cord attached to the scabbard of the sword) or the tasuki (the rope/cord used to tie back the sleeves of the kimono). One of the main characteristics of a hayanawa waza (technique) is that it only uses slip knots or hold to restrain. There are no knots in a hayanawa waza. Hon nawa 本縄 means ‘main rope’. Hon nawa waza are used to move or display prisoners, either for facing a legal court or even execution. Whereas a hayanawa waza would most liely be applied by a single person, a hon nawa waza may have several people applying the rope at the same time. Hon nawa waza often look very complicated and require some technical knowledge in order to apply correctly. It should be remembered that torinawa jutsu is not mearly ‘tying someone up’ any more than ju jutsu is to ‘knock someone over’. To believe this means that the practitioner really does not understand what they are trying to achieve or even what they are doing. As with everything within the martial arts, there are techniques to be learned and applied and these must be practised to perfection. Something we are all trying to achieve. I hope the following information is of some help or use to you within your own studies.

Hojo no Maki Ho 捕縄の巻き方 

(Method of Wrapping the Rope)

Hon Nawa Yo 本縄用 (Use of Main Rope) Kame no Wa Yo 亀の輪 (Use of Turtle Ring)

Haya Nawa Jutsu 早縄術(Fast Rope Technique)

Kake Musubi Yo 掛結び (Use of Hooking Knot)

Honnawa gake sama 本縄掛様(Applying the Long Rope)

Tasuke Nawa 介縄 (Assisting Rope)
Torinawa Jutsu