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介縄 Tasuke Nawa (Assisting Rope)

この縄は囚人の受渡し追放放免等の場合に掛ける縄なり。 九尋の縄を折半し中央輪の方を左手に採って咽に掛け、右手の持つ方を一束の輪に通 し、一尺余り引き出し(引抜くにはあらず 輪にして引き出すなり)それより輪になったところ を左右に分け、上腕の上より前へ回し、その端を脇の下より後へ出し、この輪へ背に残し た一筋の縄を通し、一重の鎖を三ずつ組み、端を一束に寄せ、背中へ二重の鎖を三つ 四つ組み、その端にて小手を留るなり。 This rope is used when delivering and releasing a prisoner. A nine-fathom rope is folded in half, take the middle of the rope and hang it around the throat. With your right hand pull the bundle through the ring. Pull out the rope about one foot. Divide the loop that was created to the left and right. Turn it toward the upper arms and return the rope from under the armpit. Place the single line behind this loop and create a chain (kusari musubi) three times. Place together and create three or four double chains (kusari musubi). Hold the end with your hand.
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