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男結び Otoko Musubi (Masculine Knot)

One of your ‘mainstay’ knots within hon nawa is otoko musubi. All the knots used within hon nawa waza must conform to three main stipulations. 1. The knot must be self tightening. As the opponent struggles against the knot, it must tighten, but also must be easy to undo. A knot that tightens yet becomes difficult to undo is next to useless. 2.The knot must be functional. There are many different knots for many different uses. As you learn the different methods of restraint, you will find that you will need t understand certain knots. 3.The knot must be aesthetic. That means it must not only be functional but also beautiful to look at. All hon nawa waza must be aesthetic and symmetrical. You will find otoko musubi in many of the techniques you will study. It is important to remember that although the name of the knot translates and masculine or male knot, this does not mean that it is gender restricted. This not is not solely used on arrests and restraints of men. The male or masculine mealy refers to the fact that there are two variants of this knot. Onna Musubi  女結び  (Feminine Knot) is the reversal of this knot. It is important top learn both methods of constructing this knot. Although we are looking at this knot in a martial context, this knot is often used, in a modern context, by Japanese gardeners to secure bamboo poles as it provides a secure, yet attractive method to tying. This is your method of constructing this knot.
Once you understand how to form and construct these knots it’s important to be able to recognise them within the techniques you wish to practice. The restraint opposite may look very complicated but it is formed of only three knots, one of which you should now be able to tie. Otoko musubi can be found here. It is important to practice and understand this knot and how it is formed. The information I have shown here is just enough to get started. There is a lot more to practice and understand, but you’ll need to seek instruction to figure out these teachings. Good luck and if you have any questions please feel free to drop me an email.