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Wales, United Kingdom

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If you are interested in visting or traning within our Dojo’s, we can be found at:

Mahoutsukai Neath Dojo 魔法使いニース道場

Merlyn, Shidoshi - 

マーリン, 士道師

Mahoutsukai Neath Dojo can be found at : Neath YMCA, Pen Y Dre, Neath, South Wales, SA11 3GH we train on: Saturdays @ 1045 - 1245 Cost : £4.00 Over 16’s only

Mahoutsukai Swansea Dojo 魔法使い スウォンジー道場

John Windsor, Shidoshi Ho  -  ジョンウィンザー, 士道師補

Mahoutsukai Swansea Dojo can be found at : Bishop Gore School De La Beche Rd Sketty Swansea SA2 9EB we train on: Mondays @ 1800- 1850 Cost : £4.00 6 - 10 years old Mondays@1900 - 2000 Cost : £4.00 10 - 16 years old Please note: There will be no training during school holidays or half term breaks.

Mahoutsukai Tengu Dojo魔法使い 天狗道場

Daniel Camu, Shidoshi - ダーニアル キャムー, 士道師

The Mahoutsukai Tengu Dojo can be found at : porthal Houtemveld Hal 4 – Omnisportzaal Sporthalstraat 3300   Tienen Belgium We train on: Tuesdays@2030 - 2200
We have a monthly outdoor training session, ask at the Dojo for more information.